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What does fiscal representation entail, and why am I incurring charges for it?
What does fiscal representation entail, and why am I incurring charges for it?

What is fiscal representation in Portugal? What does this have to do with the NIF? Am I affected?

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NIF Request with AnchorLess

Upon placing an order with AnchorLess our team will initiate a request for a NIF on your behalf from the Portuguese tax office. This service is provided as a one-time assistance, and once you receive your NIF, there will be no further need for this request.

Understanding Tax Fiscal Representation

To facilitate the NIF request process, our law firm requires authorization to act as your fiscal representative in Portugal in certain case. This is accomplished by signing a Power of Attorney, which we provide to you after you place your NIF order.

There are certain countries that are exempt from the requirement of appointing a tax representative when obtaining a NIF in Portugal. These countries include:

  1. European Union (EU) member states: Residents of EU countries are generally exempt from the obligation to have a tax representative for NIF registration in Portugal.

  2. European Economic Area (EEA) member states: Similarly, residents of EEA countries, which includes EU member states along with Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway, are typically exempt from the tax representative requirement.

  3. Switzerland: Swiss residents are generally exempt from the obligation of appointing a tax representative when applying for a NIF in Portugal.

As your fiscal representative, our law firm can handle the NIF request on your behalf and takes responsibility for receiving any communication or notices from the tax office.

Once you have assigned a fiscal representative, the only means of relieving them from their duties is by appointing a new fiscal representative. In the case of our customers, this commonly involves designating themselves as the fiscal representative once they have established residency in Portugal.

When you order a NIF through our services, we provide 6 months of fiscal representation, allowing ample time to obtain a residential address in Portugal and conclude any ongoing fiscal representation services.

Alternatively, if you do not intend to become a tax resident of Portugal, you have the choice to select an alternative fiscal representative in order to terminate the ongoing fees associated with our services.

Cancel my Tax Representation

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